I am a Danish artist and illustrator. I have been working with my art works since 2012, when I got my first studio i the centre of Copenhagen. Now, I recently moved my studio into new surroundings in my own little shop space in Copenhagen.

I work mainly with acrylics, but I also use pen, pencils, charcoal, watercolor and digital media. I believe in the expression of play, hand drawn lines and passionate craftmanship. I love to explore new mediums, continuously trying out a new path to get the right expression.

The inspiration to my paintings comes from all around; experiences from my everyday life, people who cross my way or particular places. The impressions turning over in my head, assembled into one concept and worked in my studio. Should the paintings be interpreted? Maybe.
They should at least create a universe filled with humor that gives the viewer inspiration to compose their own stories.

Past exhibitions

2016 Finansrådet
2015/16 Fjernvarmens Hus
2015 Viatrafik
2015 Pavillon no. 11, Kgs. Have, Copenhagen
2014 Odense Teater
2014 Bonnier Publications Copenhagen
2013 KMD Kunstforening
2013 42gallery pop-up  ‘Joyride’, Fælledvej, Copenhagen
2013 Aller Media A/S



2013-2014 Master’s Degree in Culture, Policy and Management, City University, London

2010-2013 Bachelor in Design culture and Economics, SDU Kolding, Denmark
2006 Kunsthøjskolen Thorstedlund